A great big'ol chicken-fried Welcome!

We sure appreciate everyone comin' to visit us here on the interwebs! If you haven't
had the pleasure of experiencing The Knobtown Skiffle Band durin' showtime, yer in for a real treat.
We will take you down the tracks as if we was way back in the 1920's again. That there ain't no joke neither.
Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City

Over 60,000 views on the YouTube!

Ya'll made us sorta famous on this here YouTube.
We may have watched it 59,336 times ourselves but that's just alright with us.

'Bout Knobtown Skiffle Trio

As you'll soon notice, we love barbecue and all things Kansas City. Especially the little town of Knobtown!
Bet ya didn't know there was such a place. If ya blink yer gonna miss it! Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is us gettin' 
pictures durin' dinner. There are just three of us. On special occasions, we will have other's join us at a show.
Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City
Isaac Neal
Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City
Chris Azevedo
Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City
Jennifer Miller
Upright Bass

What kinda music ya'll play?

Imagine hoppin' a train from Kansas City to New Orleans back in the day. Knobtown Skiffle is best described as "old-timey."
We have a bluesy feel, yet it is jazzy and fun at the same time. Maybe a hint of ragtime is in there too. People all over the
Kansas City and surrounding areas hire us for all sorts of different events.

Private event • Town festivals • Birthday party • Block parties • Pumpkin Patches • Wedding Reception
Church Event • Farmer's Markets • Surprise Parties and such.

Kansas City • Blue Springs • Lee's Summit • Smithville • Lawrence • Overland Park • Gardner • Lone Jack • Sedalia •
Warrensburg • Grain Valley • Weston • Bonner Springs • Olathe • Louisburg • Columbia • Grandview • Topeka •
Belton • Knobnoster • Harrisonville • pretty much most of Central to NW Missouri & NE Kansas!

Where 'o where is Knobtown?

Yer probably sittin' there thinkin' "By golly, I think these characters made Knobtown short for Knobnoster, Missouri."
Well, that ain't it. Knobtown is actually a place nestled at the gateway to glorious Raytown, Missouri on 50hwy.
We're serious now, if you blink...

5¢-n-Dime Store

Anything that has to do with gettin' a little somethin' in exchange fer a couple of Lincoln's you'll find here.
Things like Knobtown apparel, music for your ipad, ipod, or pea-pod to fill your earholes, maybe
even a set of old rusty banjo strings will show up fer sale every now and then, ya'll.
Music fer yer earholes!
Wanna have a listen? You can hear snippets (is that a werd?) of "Knobtown Rag." Here!
Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City
Get'yer mits on our first CD
"Knobtown Rag"
just $10.00 + shippin'
Git'cherself a T-shirt! - $12.00 + shippin'
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Coming Spring 2018

We are working very hard on our new music release due out in Spring 2018. While we write and record, our friend Becky
makes sure our bellies stay full. Full bellies means great music! Did we say we love barbecue? Maybe we did. Anyhoo, we are excited
about it as we still bring you that signature Knobtown sound yer used to with some really exciting new twists. Stay tuned!

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Knobtown Skiffle Band - Kansas City
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